Sustainable and responsible investment

B & Capital is an investor committed to considering ESG issues, and as such is a signatory of:

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

The ESG Charter of France Invest (ex-AFIC)

The Initiative Climat International (iCI) endorsed by the UNPRI and France Invest

Our approach to ESG

B & Capital’s approach to ESG is grounded in its core values: independence, loyalty, responsibility.

B & Capital firmly believes integrating ESG criteria is an additional lever for long-term value creation, in keeping with its investment strategy focused on growing and transforming SMEs.

B & Capital’s approach relies on a methodical and stringent assessment of the ESG-related risks and opportunities facing all of its investments, throughout the entire investment cycle, from the initial due diligence up until full disposal.

Implementation of the ESG policy

Preclusion list

B & Capital precludes investments in companies that are unethical: tobacco, weapons, gambling, pornography, activity deriving directly any revenue from thermal and metallurgical coal, activty deriving indirectly more than 30% of its revenues from coal.

The team also refrains from investing in companies that break international guidelines and treaties regarding human rights, child labor, human cloning, bribery, non-compliance with environmental standards, etc.

Commitment accross the investment process

B & Capital includes non-financial criteria in its investment process, for all three dimensions E, S and G. They are tailored to each company and relevant to their business and industry.

Each investment opportunity is rated against a set of ESG criteria part of the objective elements underpinning the investment decision.

B & Capital strongly and continually advocates for ESG to be in the day-to-day business and overall strategy of its portfolio companies. Progress is measured on a regular basis with a set of predefined KPIs.

Climate issues

B & Capital is fully aware of the growing concern about environmental issues, among which climate issues are particularly scrutinized. Being a responsible investor, B & Capital takes them into consideration and carries out an audit of the climate risks borne by its portfolio companies.

B & Capital shares the results of these assessments with its investors.

Communication of B & Capital’s ESG policy

B & Capital has formalized and shares its ESG strategy with all relevant parties. We publish on our website:

We also provide training to all our employees to help raise awareness on ESG issues.